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Genee Interactive Touchscreen

The G-Touch Classroom Range is an interactive touchscreen display from Genee group a world renowned manufacturer of AV equipment. It is available in different models and five different sizes.

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SMART Board®  displays

Used in over 3 million classrooms globally, SMART Board® interactive displays are purpose-built to support teaching approaches that affect learning outcomes.

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Genee Interactive Touch Table

The Early Years Tilt & Touch is a great addition to any nursery or Key Stage 1 classroom with the objective of engaging EYFS learners using educational gaming software to inspire learning.

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Mobile Stands and Wall Mounts

We Provide Standard Height Adjustable Floor and wall mounted Stands for Touch Screens displays. Some of them are electrically driven while others are manual adjustment.

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Classroom Audio Equipment

Good Classroom amplification system is a vital part of learning. When students can hear teachers and multimedia clearly, they stay focused, engage in classroom discussions and achieve more in school.

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Visualisers/Document Cameras

With Visualizers or Document cameras, the teacher transforms everyday notes or objects into Larger images or videos for easy interaction and annotation. You can make a strong impact on your audience..

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OPS Modules and Computers

OPS (open pluggable specification) enables users to upgrade
their existing touchscreens to their individual requirements, while helping to future-proof technology investments. OPS units are also interchangable with other devices.

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Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboard is a leap in education technology from the traditional blackboard or whiteboard. It is a great tools for live interaction in classroom and it enhances participation in learning process among students.

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Multimedia Projectors

The success of a presentation depends to an extend on the quality of projection. With a good visual projection, the audience are well focused, engaged and participates in the presentation. We provides the best for different presentations depending on the environment and use.

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