As education is evolving and being advanced, the need to do away with paper based exams arises. The solution is to develop a computer based testing system. This provides the institution a platform to securely and efficiently manage testing and examinations with great speed and accuracy.

The CBT comprises of high end networking equipment and computer systems which are inter connected together through a secured LAN or WAN and often but not always riding over the  internet.

CBT is basically used by institution and organizations for testing; Examples include. JAMB for their UTME exams, Universities for their POST-UTME exams, Schools for their entrance exams, Organizations for their JOB Aptitude test, International organizations for their certification exams and many more.

JAMB Requirements for a Standard CBT Center

1. Minimum of 250 PC systems and a 10% backup system

2. Provision of individual cubicle with minimum length of 26 inches, breadth of 18 inches and height of 18 inches and appropriate seat for each system.

3. Minimum 15 inches flat screen Computer monitor for desktop or 17 inches for laptop.

4. The computer systems must be connected to a robust computer server with acapacity to carry 250 systems concurrently.

5. All the computer systems must be linked together on Cable Local Area Network topology (LAN). (Wireless Computer connection is not allowed).

6. Availabilityof back-up power supply(power generating set of minimum 40kvafor a centre with 250 systems; 60 kva for 350 systems and 100kva for above 350 systems) and UPS/inverters that can carry all systems for a minimum of two (2) hours.

7. IP Camera (CCTV)is compulsory forall CBT centers(Specification to be given by JAMB).

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