Smart Class room or Digital Classroom is achieved by employing technologically advanced equipment to achieve learning interaction in a shared space between the teacher and learners.

The students come together in a shared space to construct, manipulate, and negotiate meaning around a canvas. The environments become immersive‚ÄĒlearning happens on walls, desks, tables, and in conversations. The interactive surfaces become shared perceptual spaces where students discuss meaning and clarity and come to a collective understanding.

When you are in an environment with touch screens dedicated to creating opportunities for shared perceptual meaning, you can dig down and construct knowledge in a deeper way.

Requirement for a smart classroom setup.

Interactive whiteboard/LED Touch Screen

These are also commonly known as Interactive board or Smart boards. It is a large interactive display in the form factor of a whiteboard. That’s the mainstay of the smart classroom. Connectivity to a range of other classroom devices and solutions, as well as, to a teacher’s laptop allow for a wide variety of flexible curriculum to be enabled in the classroom.

Visualizer/Document Camera

In the smart classroom visualizers, also known as document cameras, have taken over the role of traditional back lit projectors. These easy-to-use presentation tools provide high quality visuals, zoom, and connectivity options that are necessary for the best flipped classroom experience.

Classroom Audio system

Classroom audio system is very important in a smart classroom experience. Sometime different teachers has different voice pitch, so it becomes necessary to equalize all audio in the classroom for better production. Also, when resources are being introduced into a class it is necessary to amplify the audio for good learning experience

Learning Management System

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of educational courses and training programs. It also helps in testing and Assessment of students.

Power Solution

For these wonderful technologies to work, there is need for constant power supply in the classroom. In this part of the world where power supply is not guaranteed, we have to make provision for steady power supply. We do this by the use of solar powered inverter system.

Network Setup (Internet/intranet)

The inter-connectivity between these classroom devices are made possible through a network. It is therefore imperative that there must be a network setup with internet access in the classroom. This is necessary since we don’t have internet access in all our environment.

Smart Student Devices

With the introduction of tablets, laptops, and other classroom learning devices, teachers have begun to rely more on these technologies to help students do everything from research, problem solving, question asking, and homework. It also provide them instant access to the internet, the world’s largest library.

Class Recording Devices

The ability to record class activities is a vital but commonly overlooked part of the smart classroom. This enable students to stream a class from different locations when it is not possible for them to be physically available during the class. It also enable them watch a class missed or re-watch a class for better understanding.

Educational Resources

Classroom applications provide a way for teachers to utilize material from outside their school and integrate it into their planned curriculum.Majority of the Interactive screens come preloaded with many great applications for both teachers and learners. It also provide integrated interactive resources and sharing solution for the users